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                   I grew up in rural Illinois in a town called Normal (yes, that’s really what it was called!)  I received my Undergraduate degree in 2007 from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale with a BA in Political Science.  I specialized in International Affairs, and also have a minor in French.  During my undergraduate work I had the opportunity to study in Aix-en-Provence, France at the Universite de Paul Cezanne, L’Institute d’Etudes Politique, where I studied International Politics.  I really enjoyed living in another country, traveling throughout Europe and meeting friends from all over the world with whom I still keep in touch.

                    I received my Masters in Library Science (MLS) from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.  Finishing this Masters was one of the proudest moments of my life because I worked so hard and enjoyed my time so much.  I focused my work on law librarianship and government documents.  As well as successfully taking classes in general reference, preservation/conservation, international libraries, cataloging, and a library seminar which taught me how to write to be published.  I left Dominican with an overall general knowledge of the library world, as well as practical skills that I have been able to apply to my career.

                   While I was working on my MLS, I was also employed at a large private law firm in Chicago, Illinois called Vedder Price.  I was a member of the library staff.  It was a small department (there were only 5 of us), so we were always busy!  It was great learn the theoretical aspects of government resources and law librarianship at school, and then bring that working knowledge to my job.  Having access to a law library’s materials was an invaluable experience as I finished my Masters.  On a daily basis I was able to interact with attorneys, paralegals and support staff, so I felt very comfortable working with a diverse clientele.  I also was able to gain hands on experience working with government resources such as FedSys, THOMAS, Pacer, etc and legal resources like, LexisNexis, WestLaw, FindLaw and other important legal and business electronic resources.  I was also trained to use the Integrated Library System called Horizon.

             Both my experiences as an MLS student and being a part of the Vedder Price Library staff allowed me to obtain my current position.  Starting in August of 2010 I took over as the Public Services and Outreach Librarian at the University of Maryland School of Law.  I work as the liaison between law faculty and publishers to obtain copyright permission for course materials.  I’ve worked hard to integrate social networking into our library’s outreach, including creation and maintenance of the library Facebook page.  I’ve taken on management of the part time night and weekend circulation staff, as well as aiding students, faculty and the public during my weekly time at the reference desk.  Another project I took on was creating a set access policy to public visitors that would like to use our computers and internet access.  I am the liaison for adjunct faculty with the library, aiding them in any library related issues that may occur.  I’ve also recently taken on management of our government documents collection.  So far this position has taught me a great deal, and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love with others that are active and successful in the field.


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