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Public Services and Outreach

My current position at the University of Maryland School of Law, Thurgood Marshall Law Library, is Public Services and Outreach Librarian.  As the outreach librarian it is important to find new and interesting ways of reaching out to students and faculty.  Evaluation of outreach methods is also key.

Here are some of the projects that I have worked on for Public Services and Outreach:

Visitor Access Policy

Our library’s main clients are students and faculty at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.  However, we also serve and welcome public patrons to use our materials.  We have one computer on our main level that is designated for public patron use.  It is password protected and meant for legal research only.  I was able to revamp the visitor access policy to make it clear to both visiting patrons as well as our own staff what the expectations and policies are for library use.

Access sign for Visitors computer

Visitor Computer Sign-in Sheet

The new access policy can be seen in full here: http://www.law.umaryland.edu/marshall/services/visitorservices.html


In 2010 I created (and now maintain) the Facebook Page  for our library.  Facebook is a great way to reach out and communicate with students.  It has been fun to come up with new ideas to keep our current subscribers entertained and ‘in the know” a well as (hopefully) bring new subscribers in.

Here is the proposal that was given at our faculty meeting before implementation of the page

This is a flyer that I created to promote the page.  We have this posted at the user services desk, as well as around the library.  I frequently like to add this to the student newsletter or blackboard as well.

New Student Orientation

For the beginning of the 2010 school year I hosted a library open house for new and returning students.  We held meet and greats and had 4 different stations around the library would students could meet with a librarian to discuss a subject of pertinence.  The stations included going over the printing system, CALI, Lexis Nexis/Westlaw and the Library homepage.  Students that visited all 4 stations were entered to win a $20.00 gift Certificate to the book store!  We also did a Flickr scavenger hunt that was a lot of fun!

One small thing that I do each year is to put out the spider candy bowl around Halloween.  This might be a small gesture but I’m often told by students that it is their favorite thing we do each year!

The law school offers tours to perspective and incoming students by current student ambassadors.  I was lucky enough to work with the tour guide coordinator on the library portion of the ‘tour guide script’ .  I think its very important to work together with out parent institution- the law school-to ensure that information regarding the library’s policies and  are accurate and well-represented.

As the Public Services and Outreach librarian I have also had the opportunity to give smaller presentations for the law school community.  In August I spoke to incoming students at the law school orientation regarding Facebook and professional life.  In October I gave a tutorial on the library and its resources to the Forensic Psychiatry Fellows.  I am also the library liaison for both the student journals and our adjunct faculty.


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